Inspiring student agency, advocacy, and confidence

We create Doorstops: multimedia resources that help with everything from fixing the bathrooms to schoolwide culture shift.

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Resources for Students

Doorstops are Individualized Strategies

For Every Unmet Need.

  • Online Degree Programs

    Student-Teacher Trust

    Trust grows everything from attendance to teacher retention: we help students build it.

    6 Doorstops
  • Non-Degree Programs

    Mental Health

    We empower students to face and fight bullying, judgement, and extreme stress with research-tested strategies.

    4 Doorstops
  • Off-Campus Programs


    We bring empathy and insight directly to unmotivated students through social media.

    3 Doorstops
  • Hybrid Distance Programs


    We train students to run peer and classroom interventions that foster intentional, collaborative school culture.

    7 Doorstops

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Programs for Educators

Turn students into change-makers

We help foster school communities where reform is not done for students, but by students. We create spaces for dialogue, reflection, and decisions.

  • Reduce phone use by authorizing student perspectives
  • Build safer school culture to reduce absenteeism
  • Create intentional, collaborative feedback loops

Help students identify and advocate for their needs.

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